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Respiratory Relief

Respiratory Relief ® is a potent combination of six essential oils chosen for their specific rejuvenating and revitalizing properties to the sinus and respiratory tract. Users report relief from asthma as well as respiratory congestion due to illness or environmentally caused allergies. Most have also noticed increased mental alertness and well-being.
Safe for children and adults. This simple yet very valuable blend is a must for every medicine cabinet and purse.

Suggested uses: * Asthma * Allergies * Colds * Decongestant * Sinusitis * Fatigue * Rejuvenation * Studying * Memory Recall *

Ingredients & Directions

Breath easy with Respiratory Relief ® today

Price List:
$14.00: 1/8 ounce (3.75ml)
$43.00: 1/2 ounce (15ml)
Respiratory Relief