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Tropical Euphoria Hawaiian Body Oil

With our most popular body oil, we bring our Hawaiian paradise to your home. Tropical Euphoria Hawaiian Body Oil is an exotic blend of this paradise. It is an invitation to walk along sunny beaches and journey into tropical rainforests. Its tropical rich, warm, floral scent is an unquestionably perfect aromatic treat.

On the physical level, Tropical Euphoria is very uplifting and at the same time soothing. It stops excess brain chatter and is great for depression. It lifts, thrills, and excites. This luscious oil is also beautiful for use in body care. Great for softening your skin, and heightening your mood.

Tropical Euphoria is filled only with high-quality pure essential oils. Its scent is unquestionably hypnotic. Experience in your own home Hawaii at its sensuous best.

Ingredients & Direction

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Price List:
$18.00: 2 ounces (60ml)
$44.00: 7 ounces (210ml)
Tropical Euphoria Hawaiian Body Oil