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Aromatherapy by Warren Botanicals.
High quality essential oils, with an acute knowledge of the perfect blend, are what it takes to create an aromatherapy product line that stands above the rest. At Warren Botanicals we have chosen to combine our vast knowledge and experience in aromatherapy  with a commitment to use only the finest  ingredients. We are sure you will agree once you have experienced the quality of Warren Botanicals first hand, that the value and effectiveness of each of our aromatherapy products reflects our commitment. 

Relief LineĀ®

Warren Botanicals' Relief Line was created as life's natural first-aid kit above and beyond cuts and scrapes. Each Relief Line product addresses not only the symptoms of some of today's health issues but uses medicinal-quality aromatherapy to help alleviate the actual causes of the symptoms.  Muscle and Joint Relief ® for acute and chronic muscle and joint pain. Respiratory Relief ® for asthma and respiratory congestion due to illness or environmental conditions. Stress Relief ® to calm the nervous system. Migraine Relief ® for pain relief fSrom minor to severe headaches.

Outdoor Relief Line
Warren Botanicals offers two safe and natural solutions for outdoor relief. After Sun Relief ®, with high-quality Aloe Vera gel, is blended with essential oils of tea tree and lavender to help sooth and heal sun burned, burned or otherwise injured skin. Natural Insect Repellant combines some of nature's finest insect repellants with the powerful benefits of grapeseed oil to give you a skin softener, antiseptic and insect repellant all in one. And, unlike the many alternatives, you'll enjoy the pleasant aroma.  

Massage and Body Oils

Warren Botanical's lusciously-scented Massage and Body Oils are an ideal extravagance for you or a friend. Tropical Euphoria, Zanzibar and Aphrodisiac are more than just an aromatic treat; they also benefit your mood and body as the essential oils penetrate your skin. Use in a massage, or apply every day as a skin-softening, mood-enhancing, luxurious body oil. The energy and healing properties of high-quality essential oils are brought to you in three unique blends, each meant for its own special purpose-to elate, to inspire, or to seduce. 

Face and Skin
Warren Botanicals' Bulgarian Rose Water and Egyptian Face Oil are the perfect combination of soothing luxury and skin care. Rose Water is a misting spray designed to refresh, heal and pamper the skin. Egyptian Face Oil is a modern blend of Frankincense, Myrrh and Rose that helps soften and balance the skin as it treats the senses to these exotic essences of the Old World.